Grading of Lumber 101

Southern Pine timberGrading of Lumber


Even though each type of wood has its own grading system, the purpose of grading lumber is the same; a method to communicate between buyer and seller of what is and isn’t acceptable. The lumber that comes into our facility is graded at each of the lumber mills we buy from. Below is a list of the species and grading rules used by Synergy for our initial inspection of incoming lumber.


Governing Grading Standards Used by Synergy

Cypress - National Hardwood Lumber Associations Rules 2007

Ponderosa Pine - Western Lumber Grading Rules, 2011

Southern Pine - Southern Pine Inspection Bureau Grading Rules, 2014


During our production process, Synergy selects, inspects and re-grades each piece of lumber by hand. Even with this extra grading, wood is a natural product and therefore, each piece is going to be uniquely different.


For the pieces that make it through our facility and to the jobsite that might have some undesirable issue, please see the download labeled “How To Use What is Delivered”. Everything that is delivered to a jobsite is 99% usable.


The following is a basic description of what we typically accept for each type of wood we process.

This exterior porch comes to life with Synergy Cypress Auburn by Synergy Wood. The leader in prefinished wood for ceilings and walls.What Synergy Wood™ Allows


Even though Synergy grades each piece of lumber based on accepted industry grading rules, there are other things we look at, such as side bend and checks.


A side bent board is a board that when laid flat, there is a slight curve in the axial direction. A diagram of this is shown in the download “How To Use What’s Delivered”.


Synergy allows the following during our manufacturing process (based on length to curve):

  •   4’ to 7’ long boards; up to 1/4” side bend
  •   7.1/2’ to 8’ long boards; up to 3/8” side bend
  •   9.1/2’ to 10’ long boards; up to 1/2” side bend
  •   11.1/2’ long boards; up to 5/8” side bend
  •   12’ to 14’ long boards; up to 3/4” side bend


Over time, we have observed that it is very easy (defined as light pressure applied to a board when placed on edge) to “straighten” a board with side bend with the given dimensions above. Of course, if a side bend board is found while installing and it is undesirable, it can still be used.


A wood checkA check is a lengthwise separation of the wood, which occurs usually across the rings of annual growth.




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