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Caring for your Synergy Wood prefinished wood ceiling or walls. Synergy Cypress Ebony showing white powder.Notice a "white powder" on your Synergy Cypress? Our research shows that the white powder comes from inside the cypress wood, normally through knots, splits or checks in the wood. This white powder is calcium sulfate and comes from the kiln drying process used by mills that utilize boilers as a heat source.


During the drying process, the calcium sulfate forms on the inside of the pipes as scale and due to the heat and moisture, is suspended in the heated air of the kiln and settles onto (and into) the wood. The wood itself, being mostly wet at that stage, has open pores where the calcium sulfate laden air settles. We know it is

not present in all boards and is not visible to us during our finishing process.


This naturally occurring issue has always presented itself on exterior porch applications. Because the calcium sulfate is hygroscopic, when condensation forms on the boards in the mornings, it migrates out through the knots, splits and checks found in cypress via the condensation. We found, with the help of a research chemist, that applying an acidic solution to the calcium sulfate will remove the "white powder".


How to Remove the White Powder

You will need some White Vinegar, spray bottle and good absorbent paper towels.

Add undiluted White Vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray directly on the area affected to thoroughly saturate the area. Dab the area with clean paper towels. Do not reuse the paper towels. DO NOT wipe the vinegar on as this may potentially “spread” the calcium sulfate.


White Vinegar will not harm the finish on your Synergy product.


Safe Handling and Usage Guidelines

Please note that vinegar has acidic properties. Wear goggles and use rubber gloves while doing the above procedure. Synergy is not responsible for any injury or similar as a result of using this process to clean the calcium sulfate from the surface.


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