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At Synergy Wood, we use quality Cypress and Southern Pine woods to deliver a variety of premium prefinished products including Synergy Collection, E-Peck® Collection and Rustic Collection. All of our products are tongue and groove, as well as end-matched – this allows an easier installation with less waste. Our products come in a variety of artisan and naturally inspired colors.


We use only 100% real, kiln-dried wood delivered to us direct from the finest mills across the United States.

Our two species means our planks will have variations in grain color and pattern, as well as knot structure - just the way nature intended. We take our lumber quality very seriously and hand select and re-grade each board as it enters our plant. Imperfections are removed from the planks before being processed for consumer use.


Each of our planks are handcrafted and hand finished to deliver consistent color and techniques that are hard to duplicate through typical on-site application. This eliminates waste in the field and cuts labor – a shortage many contractors regularly experience. SYNERGY WOOD® products leave our plant durable and ready to install.


Sustainable, naturally beautiful and durable. Cypress has a warm and soft texture that is highly desirable.


Durability, texture and value make Southern Pine an excellent choice for your wood ceilings and walls.


Creating the natural and rare pecky appearance of older Cypress trees - on Cypress or Southern Pine.

Rustic Barnwood by Synergy Wood


Rustic beauty of reclaimed wood with the strength and longevity of Cypress. Available in 5" and 7" face boards.


Rustic, handcrafted, prefinished Cypress T&G ceiling and wall planks. Rustic Seaside fuses traditional shiplap with coastal chic, delivering a warm, natural ocean feel to any interior space.


Synergy Wood Online is our place to offer discontinued or over stocked items directly to you.

Synergy Stakes provides quality and affordable grade stakes, hub stakes, lath stakes and survey stakes to the construction, survey and agricultural industries.

Synergy Wood is the leading innovator of prefinished wood walls and ceilings - inlcuding our reclaimed wood look rustic wood walls.

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