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SYNERGY WOOD® products are covered by a five (5) year, limited warranty.  The warranty begins on the date of manufacture.


This warranty covers any defects in the coatings or workmanship of the coatings. Any item determined to be defective by a Synergy Wood Products representative will be replaced at no charge.


Removal, re-installation and freight, to or from the job site, are not covered under this warranty.



This warranty shall not apply to:

  1. Any grading of the wood or variation in the grade of the wood.
  2. Any defects caused as a result of misuse, abuse, negligence, accident or improper use.
  3. Improper modifications or repairs made after the installation.
  4. Any damage deemed to be caused by water or water penetration into the wood.
  5. Any change in color due to age.
  6. Any Synergy products installed or exposed to direct sunlight, direct rain or moisture.
  7. is neither recommended nor covered under this warranty to install Synergy Wood products on soffits AND on any porch without (at minimimum) a 6" header.
  8. If a Synergy Wood product has been modified in any way, any warranty is void.
  9. Extractive or knot bleeding or any other type of migration of solids or liquids from the wood through the coating.
  10. Any product that is labeled "Interior Only" and installed in an exterior application - Such as a porch ceiling or wall.


Because wood is nature’s product, when stained, variations in color and grain pattern are to be expected.


Although we select top quality woods, premium stains, and topcoats to create a premium finished product, we will not be held responsible for variations in wood color or normal defects found in wood that include, knots, shake (lengthwise separation), wane and checks (slight splits) in all grades.


On some woods, including but not limited to, certain species of pine, heartwood is present and is visible through all colors. Over time, the heartwood will “age” or darken when exposed to any source of light. This is a natural occurrence and is not considered a defect or cause for replacement.


All woods vary in color from shades of white, to red, to very dark.


Mineral streaks or spots may be visible and will not be considered defects.  These are caused by parts of the tree absorbing minerals differently in one area versus another.


Unusual graining or color variations are not considered a defect or cause for replacement.


A request for warranty or replacement material will be considered as follows:


1 Claim: In order to start a claim, the manufacture date and job number must be given in order to start the process.  This information is located on the label affixed to each bundle of wood.


2. Damaged items:  Goods shipped by Synergy Wood Products, Inc. were given to the carrier in good condition.  Goods were packed with great care, using standard approved packaging methods. Synergy Wood inspects and photographs each shipment prior to it being shipped by carrier.



If you receive damaged goods, please follow these steps so that we can assure proper credit to you:


  1. Mark the Bill of Lading with notation of the damage.
  2. Hold original pallet and merchandise for an inspector from the carrier.
  3. It is the responsibility of the receiver to file all freight damage claims.
  4. Call the freight carrier and ask for the Claims Department.  Tell them you have damage on your shipment and give them the Pro Number.  Ask them to have an inspector sent to your facility / job site. They have up to 5 business days to inspect the damage.
  5. Please notify Synergy Wood immediately. (1-866-791-6714)
  6. DO NOT return damaged goods to us without authorization.
  7. Please take a digital picture and e-mail to


We are willing to assist you in every possible manner, but please be aware that if you fail to follow the above steps, your claim cannot be honored by the carrier or by Synergy Wood.


3. Replacements:  Please note the reason for replacement of items.  Synergy Wood will process replacement orders as soon as possible.  Items that are claimed to be defective will be a charged item until Synergy Wood is able to inspect the item in question.  If an item is found to be incorrect due to damage or having been incorrectly manufactured, a credit for that item will be issued.  Any labor incurred by dealers will not be covered.


4. In-field rework: Occasionally an item may be made incorrectly.  Synergy Wood would prefer to have the item returned for repair or replacement in our shop.  If you decide to correct the error in the field, you must notify Synergy Wood before any work is done, for any appropriate credits.  Failure to notify Synergy Wood will result in no credits being considered or applied.  Synergy Wood will not warranty an item that has been re-worked or repaired in the field.


5. Defective finish: Complaints about defective finishes must be inspected by an authorized representative of Synergy Wood.  Synergy Wood reserves the option of approving the field repair or returning / replacing the items in question.  No action should be taken to repair the item in the field without written authorization from Synergy Wood.


6. Bowed, warped or bent wood: Most bowed, warped or bent wood can be used during the normal course of installation by cutting the board and using each end as a starter or ending piece.  This normally will solve this issue.  Typically, a 5% to 8% waste factor incorporated into a job will take care of any potential unusable portions of a board.  Please visit our website for further information on how to use boards that are bowed, warped or have side bend.  This information can be found under Frequently Asked Questions.

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