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Even though each type of wood has its own grading system, the purpose of grading lumber is the same; a method to communicate between buyer and seller of what is and isn’t acceptable.


The wood that enters our facility is fist graded using standardized grading at the lumber mills. Below is a list of the species and grading rules used by Synergy for our initial inspection of incoming lumber.  The Synergy Wood Grading Guide is a basic description of what we typically accept for each type of wood we process.


Governing Grading Standards Used by Synergy:


RED GRANDIS:  National Hardwood Lumber Associations Rules


SOUTHERN PINE:  Southern Pine Inspection Bureau Grading Rules, 2014


During our production process, Synergy inspects each piece of lumber by hand.  Wood is a natural product and therefore, each piece is going to be uniquely different.


The result of Synergy’s extra grading process is an easy to install product that reduces on-site installation waste to 5% or less.


Every board that is delivered to a job site is usable. See our guide “How To Use What’s Delivered” for more information.


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