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SYNERGY WOOD® Care Guide - The Basics

Caring for your Synergy Wood prefinished wood ceiling or walls. Synergy Cypress Ebony ceiling shown.Taking care of your new Synergy Wood ceiling is quick and simple.  We recommend using a telescoping floor duster with a removable pad or cloth. This will help remove dust, dirt and cobwebs from your ceiling – and keep you off a ladder. When done in a routine, this is all you will need to do.


If additional cleaning is needed, we suggest a solution of 1 tsp Dawn to one gallon warm water. Apply with a damp cloth, sponge or sponge mop and follow with a dry cloth or dry mop.


We do not recommend using a stiff bristled broom or deck brush as they may scratch the finish.


NEVER use a pressure washer on your wood ceilings.


Our durable finish has been designed for any interior ceiling or wall or an exterior porch ceiling or wall that is not in direct sunlight or moisture.  See our 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty.




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