How to Use What's Delivered

This exterior porch comes to life with Synergy Cypress Auburn by Synergy Wood. The leader in prefinished wood for ceilings and walls.Manufacturing Synergy Collection

Synergy molds all of the tongue and groove and molding products on site under strict manufacturing tolerances and quality control procedures.


When we run our tongue and groove products, our precision molder is set-up to run a product specific face width with a tolerance of ± .010".  However, because the wood being run through our molder varies due to grain and knot structure, moisture content, side bend, etc., the tolerance we accept is ± 1/16" in width.

Wood continues to expand and contract in our factory and even at the job site.


Packaging of Synergy Collection & E-Peck Collection

During the defecting and end matching process of manufacturing our tongue and groove profile, we generate what are called "shorts".  These shorts are in 6" increments from 3' up to 7.1/2' lengths (i.e., 3', 3.1/2', 4', 4.1/2', etc) and are created from longer length boards that had some undesirable blemish in the board.  Each shorter board is then end matched and sorted by length.


When we have accumulated enough short boards, which can take some time to generate, these boards will be used to fill orders by nesting one layer of the shorter lengths into the bundles. Review our "How Synergy is Packaged and Shipped" document - click here.


As an example, on our Synergy Ponderosa Pine t&g boards, our nominal long lengths are 10', 9.1/2', 9' and 8'.


Packaging of the Rustic Collection

Rustic Barnwood, Rustic Farmhouse, Rustic Collage and Rustic Seaside are boxed.


A Rustic Barnwood box covers 27.22 sq ft with various widths and depths. Each Rustic Barnwood Cypress board is 70" long and comes in a variation of widths (to create that reclaimed wood look) 2", 5" 7" (3 boards each), 3" and 4" (2 Boards each). 13 Pieces and 57 lbs per box


A Rustic Farmhouse box covers 16.5 sq ft. Each Rustic Farmhouse Ponderosa Pine board is 59 3/8" long and comes in a 5" face and an 11/16" thickness. 8 Pieces and 28 lbs per box


A Rustic Seaside box covers 16.5 sq ft. Each Rustic Seaside Ponderosa Pine board is 59 3/8" long and comes in a 5" face and an 11/16" thickness. 8 Pieces and 28 lbs per box. Rustic Seaside is available in two coastal inspired artisan colors and features a nickel joint creating that shiplap look and feel - only stronger.


A Rustic Collage box covers 12 sq ft. Each Rustic Collage board is 34" long and comes in a 4.25" face and an 3/4" thickness. 8 Pieces and 23.5 lbs per box. Rustic Collage features 3 coffeehouse inspired colors on Cypress, Ponderosa Pine and Southern Pine to create an authentic reclaimed wood look.


Product Labels

Once the Synergy product is bundled or ready to be boxed, a special label is affixed to the boards. This label identifies the product, color, wood species, job lot, and a special QR code with a link to the instruction manual (usually also inserted into each box). When you receive your package, make sure it matches your order before you start installing.


                Synergy Wood product labels with QR tag for installation instructions


How To Use What is Delivered

Even with the inspection process that each Synergy board experiences, sometimes items get through or happen in transit to the job site. But even if something gets through our process or in transit, is it usable?  The answer is yes!


So how do you use something you would rather not have in your ceiling?  First, realize that since you have end matched product, the end joint can fall anywhere on the ceiling.  You will need to have shorter, cut pieces at the end of every run you are making (just like a wood floor).


When using Synergy tongue and groove products, USE THE BOARDS AS THEY COME OUT OF THE PACKAGE! Don't set aside boards that may have natural or undesirable defects.  Use these boards during the normal course of installation by cutting out the undesirable areas and using these as starting or ending pieces.


Two common items that we hear about are knot holes and side bent boards.  Let's take a look at each:


Knot Hole:  As an example, let's say you have a job that you ordered 532 lineal feet of Cypress and each board is 9.1/2' (114") long.  You start your installation and on one of the boards, a 2" diameter knot fell out.  If you cut the 2" diameter hole out and use both ends, this represents 1.7% of the board.  But it also represents .03% of the job total!

Further, even if you had 10 boards with 2" holes in each (highly unlikely), it is still .3% of the job total.  You are still below our recommended 5% waste for the job.  But if you saved these 10 boards for the end of the job, that represents a little over 17%!


Side Bend (at end of board): Same example as above, 532 lineal feet of Cypress and each board is 9.1/2' (114") long.  In the diagram below, let's say you find one board that the end is bowed approximately 84" from one end.  If you cut part of the bow out (18.1/4"), that represents 16% of the board but only .3% of the job total.


If you side bend is at the end of the board, cut part of the bow out and lose only 16% of the board and only .3% of the job.


Side Bend (in middle of board): Let's say that you have a 9.1/2' board that has more than 1/2" side bend to it, say 3/4", as shown in the diagram below.


Side Bend - Cutting the board in half


Just by cutting the board in half, the side bend will go well below 1/2 the original side bend, as shown in the following diagram.  Now both of the remaining pieces can be used as starter or ending pieces in your ceiling.  Your total waste is 0%!

Side Bend - Cutting the board in half will give you two usable straightened peices.




Wood Movement

Installed wood moves constantly (expanding and contracting) due to the moisture content of the wood changing in relation to the environmental conditions as it correlates to the relative humidity of the surrounding area. Although wood is constantly expanding and contracting due to temperature and relative humidity, wood does not move equally in all directions.  The grain structure causes it to move differently in three different directions.

Wood is very stable along its longitudinal direction (length of board), parallel to the grain.  Green lumber shrinks approximately .01% of its length as it dries.


tangent plain-sawn woodWood moves much more across the grain, tangent (width as it is plain-sawn) to the growth rings.  Green lumber shrinks as much as 8% in this direction.


Wood moves only half as much (4%) in the radial direction (thickness as it is plain-sawn).


All wood brought into Synergy is kiln dried.  Each species is slightly different and therefore will have a different moisture content.  What is important is that we will not finish any wood that is above 18% moisture content.


If any Synergy product is to be installed on an interior ceiling or wall, you should allow the wood to acclimate to its environment at least 72 hours (or more if possible) so that the wood equalizes.


If the product is going to be installed on an exterior porch ceiling (Synergy and E-Peck® Collection - Rustic Collection is designed for interior ceilings and walls only), no acclimation period will be required; unless it is going into a very dry climate.



Synergy Wood product labels with QR tag for installation instructions


All of our products are 100% real, sustainable wood and American made at our plant in Sanford, Florida. Located just a few minutes from Downtown Orlando, our showroom is open to visitors Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm. Can't make it to our showroom? Order wood wall board samples today.


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