Synergy Wood is here for our customers every step of the way. Below are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to speak with us directly, if there is information not available to you on our website. You may call our Sanford, Florida office at the following numbers: Direct: 321-397-2000 or Toll Free: 866-791-6714.

What can I expect from Synergy?

In our DOWNLOADS section of our website is a pdf entitled, “What To Expect From Synergy”. This includes topics such as grading, how to use our products, definitions, etc.

How do I convert from square feet to lineal feet?

The exposed surface of our T&G profile is 5” (see profile sheet). Therefore, to convert from square feet to lineal feet, divide by 5/12 or .417.

As an example, if your outside porch or room size measures 15 feet by 30 feet, take 15 x 30 = 450 square feet. Take 450 square feet / .417 = 1,079 lineal feet.

How much waste should I figure for?

We recommend only 5% waste. All cut off ends that still have the male or female end-match are useable, regardless of their length (see Install instructions).

During our manufacturing process, we remove all of the normal defects found in cypress wood, which includes end checking (slight splits) and unsound knots (knots that have a chance of falling out).

What does #2 and Select grades mean?

The main difference between a #2 grade and a Select grade is the amount of knots present. #2 mill grade allows a certain number of knots at a certain size. Select grades in 6” T&G allow for (1) medium knot (from 3/4” to 1.1/2” diameter) or (3) pin knots (not over 1/2” diameter). Please go to the DOWNLOADS section of our website for a full explanation of Synergy Grading.

What is Pecky Cypress?

This beautiful and sought after effect is a condition caused by a fungal attack that leaves long, narrow burrows or cavities in the wood. The fungus attacks mostly older cypress trees from what is called the “canopy” or “umbrella” down. Once the tree is cut down or harvested, the fungal attack stops, leaving the beautiful, unique pecky patterns.

New growth of the cypress tree takes approximately 25 years to mature. Pecky cypress takes in excess of 100 years to achieve the beauty you see as a result of the wonderful burrows and distinctive marks.

Natural pecky cypress is distinctive to each plank. When ordering old growth pecky cypress, the planks are as inconsistent as Mother Nature, therefore not each plank will have the same degree of burrows, if any at all.

What is end-matching and what is it used for?

The male and female end matching allows the ends to be interlocked during installation which creates a mechanical bond. This means the ends of the boards do not have to line up on a truss.

Once it is interlocked, it eliminates the chance of the ends of the boards to be cupped and also allows for expansion and contraction of the wood.

Can extra or left over material be returned?

No. Each order is custom made to the customer’s specifications.

How does Synergy get such a beautiful, smooth finish?

Each board is sent through a state of the art multi-head wide-belt sanding line as well as an oscillating disk sander to eliminate machine marks left by the molding operation.

Typically, all moldings that pass through either a high speed molder or shaper will leave some knife marks (chatter) on the board surfaces. When a stain and finish is applied directly to an unsanded board, this will leave very noticeable bumps, ridges and highlighted areas.

Why are the colors so consistent?

Again, it all starts with sanding. When our cypress leaves the sanding line, it is very smooth and ready to accept the stain.

We spray and then hand wipe all of our stains onto each board surface as well as the tongue and groove areas of the boards. While this is a labor intensive process, it assures uniform distribution of the color throughout the grain of the wood.

However, in all species of wood, there are variations in the grain pattern which will show the same color differently even on the same board. That is the the natural beauty of wood coming through.

One of the boards in my order is slightly warped or bowed. Can this be used?

While it would be great if all trees grew exactly straight, that is not the real world. The good news is that because of the end match, all boards, even if they are slightly warped or bowed, can be used as the start or end pieces of a project which will alleviate to some degree this common attribute of wood.

Does Synergy have a warranty?

All of our products carry a five year limited warranty for any defects in the coatings or workmanship of the coatings. Our products are designed for interior and exterior applications. On exterior applications, the products must not be in direct sunlight or direct moisture.

If my ceiling gets dirty, how do I clean it?

Normally, just using a dust mop on a pole is sufficient to remove cobwebs and similar type matter.