Synergy Wood is the leading innovator of prefinished wood ceilings and walls - inlcuding our reclaimed wood look rustic wood walls.



Our proprietary E-Peck® process creates the natural and desirable pecky appearance.


Pecky Cypress is a rare and highly prized wood. The unusual  “pecky” pattern is caused by a fungus that attacks the heartwood of mature Cypress trees, creating an effect of pocketing and striation.  When the Cypress timber is milled, the natural grooves and divots create a very unique and rustic look.


Because of the growing scarcity of Pecky Cypress, we developed a proprietary process that re-creates the rare pecky appearance consistently throughout each plank. E-Peck® can be applied to all of our available woods.


Our handcrafted Synergy E-Peck® wood planks are tongue and groove, end matched and hand finished to deliver a premium and durable finish that is easy to install with significantly less waste.


Each board has a 5” face (+/- 1/16th”) width. Available in V-Joint, Nickel Joint or Square Edge tongue & groove patterns. Packaged in 4 piece bundles. Similar to the #2 grade boards, E-Peck® will have unlimited surface checks and knot holes included. Lose knots or knot holes may have tape backing. In some applications, if the knot holes are undesirable, the installer can cut these areas out and create starting or ending boards. Check out our “How to Use What’s Delivered” guide.

  • Natural Rare Pecky Cypress Look
  • Hand Selected & Prefinished
  • Cypress* or Southern Pine
  • Natural Artisan Colors
  • No Sanding or Staining Required
  • Tongue & Groove, End-Matched

We use real wood for all of our products. Variations in the wood, which can include knot structure, grain color, and grain patterns, should be expected and is where the beauty of real wood comes from. These variations in the wood are the reason real wood is chosen to beautify a home. *Call us directly for availability and options.









All of our products are 100% real, sustainable wood and American made at our plant in Sanford, Florida. Located just a few minutes from Downtown Orlando, our showroom is open to visitors Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm. Can't make it to our showroom? Order wood wall board samples today.


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