The Synergy Advantage

Why Choose Synergy?

Because of the Synergy Advantage. Synergy Wood Products is THE choice in quality prefinished ceiling and wall products. Our products are manufactured in Sanford, Florida with economical shipping throughout the United States.

Our products are available in cypress,
ponderosa pine and southern yellow pine.

• Prefinished at the factory
• Durable polyurethane finish
• Quick, easy and ready to install
• Interlocking ends mean up to 20% less
• Less labor to install
• Available in 8 standard colors
• Custom color matching available
• Residential or Commercial applications
• Matching moldings and trim
If you have any questions while visiting our
website, please feel free to call us Toll Free

100% Real Wood

Synergy uses real wood on all of our products. Our various species of wood come from lumber mills across the United States and include cypress, ponderosa pine and southern yellow pine. All of our woods are kiln dried.

Variations in the wood, which can include knot structure, grain color and grain patterns, should be expected and is where the beauty of real wood comes from. These variations in the wood are the reason real wood is chosen to beautify a home.

Even though each type of wood has its own grading system, the purpose of grading lumber is the same; a method to communicate between buyer and seller of what is and isn’t acceptable. The lumber that comes into our facility is graded at each of the lumber mills we buy from. During our production process, Synergy inspects and re-grades each piece of lumber. For a complete description of our grading process go to DOWNLOADS for a PDF.

Hand-Wiped Planks

When our wood planks leave the wide belt sanding line, they are smooth and ready to accept the stain. Prior to the stain being applied however, the panel goes through an additional brush sanding station that opens up the surface to accept the stain more uniformly.

Yet another process that separates our products from other companies is in the next step; application of the stain. We hand-wipe each piece of wood after the stain is applied which “pushes” the stain deeper into the wood. The result is a deeper, consistent color that cannot be achieved without the hand wiping procedure.

While this is a labor intensive process, it assures uniform distribution of the color throughout the grain of the wood.

However, in all species of wood, there are variations in the grain pattern which will show the same color differently even on the same board. That is the natural beauty of wood coming through.

After the stained material goes through our drying process, a clear polyurethane sealer is applied. The sealer coat is designed to envelope the porous wood (which includes the stained portion of the wood), preventing the next coat of polyurethane from being excessively absorbed into the wood. Upon completion of another drying cycle, the wood is lightly sanded and is now ready for the final coat of polyurethane.