Synergy Wood is the leading innovator of prefinished wood ceilings and walls - featuring our Red Grandis and Southern Yellow Pine boards.



Create a warm and inviting space to enjoy for years to come - with Synergy Wood


Southern Yellow Pine Ebony Exterior Porch wood ceiling by DeSanctis Enterprises

Synergy Wood understands the frustrating feeling you get when your remodeling project is done but it just feels incomplete. Something is missing, but you can't seem to put your finger on it. We've been there too. That's actually why we started Synergy Wood®.


We noticed how uninspired the space felt after remodeling our outdoor kitchen - we decided to do something about that plain drywall ceiling and installed the warmth of wood on the ceilings.


Wow! What a difference. Our friends and family couldn't stop talking about how the space was transformed - and that made us feel pretty good about it too!


We decided that there had to be more people feeling uninspired about their ceilings and we took our 36 year of experience and proprietary processes in wood finishing and started Synergy Wood.


Synergy Wood will guide you through the process and take the anxiety out of your ceiling or wall transformation.


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Our showroom is open to visitors Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm by appointment. Can't make it to our showroom? Order samples today.


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